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Digital Skills Traineeship

The candidate will have the opportunity whilst working in Dioratikotikotita to meet and appreciate the local culture and at the same time, understand the needs of a corporation. We want to provide to the candidates the perfect environment for personal development through workshops on local culture, gastronomy, physical activities, sports etc. So, we suggest you excursions to the enchanting Meteora, boat trips to Litheos river, experience of the local cuisine and other entertaining activities that will complement the overall experience of life in a smart city in Greece, Trikala.
Through collaborations with partners including the European commission, which funded a driverless bus pilot, and companies such as Greece’s Sieben and Parkguru, Trikala has earned a reputation for innovation. The e-complaint system has had one of the biggest impacts on residents’ lives as residents can send their requests directly to the Municipal Authority through the Check app for mobile phones. Special, ATM-style machines offer residents the option, at any time of the day or night, to request and print out municipal clearance certificates, civil register certificates, and other related municipal authority documents, quickly, simply and easily. The entire commercial centre of the city of Trikala is now covered for wireless internet access. The wireless network has increased existing city infrastructure, since it is necessary for the operation of the other applications, and it also offers additional security to users’ internet connections. A Smart Lighting System has been implemented to manage municipal street-lighting; it has achieved energy savings of over 60% compared to conventional lighting systems. A Smart Parking Management System has been implemented, which allows the identification, imaging and monitoring of designated parking spaces in the city centre. Using special equipment for environmental readings, the quality of the atmosphere can be evaluated and any potential impact on public health can be assessed. Other important innovations taking place at the moment are; Smart+Connected Digital Platform, Smart City Control Centre, Data collection and analysis, Traffic lights operation monitoring system, Comprehensive Geographic Information System (GIS) etc.
Trikala is also the only place in Greece to have supplied Lego and Raspberry Pi robotics Kits to all its 120 public schools, a move paid for by e-Trikala, a company created in 2008 to fund local innovation that is majority-owned by the municipality.
Through the Digital Skills program we give the opportunity to young people to meet and live a whole new experience here with us, in the “smart” city of Trikala. Dioratikotita ‘s goal is for their candidates to feel supported on their every encounter.


We are willing to provide help with accommodation during your traineeship in Trikala as well as help if any problems shall occur during your stay here. Our goal is to make your stay here as smooth and easy as possible with minimal problems.

Education and Counseling.

We are in charge of all the co-operated businesses so that the trainee can complete their practice with all the necessary training and experience to further their professional career. We will be by your side every step of the way by giving advice and creating the foundation of a good collaboration.

Extra Activities

Our goal is your stay in the city of Trikala to be full of exciting experiences. Through activities we suggest you will get to know the local cuisine, culture, traditions and every-day life of Trikala city and Greece.

Every individual that will be hosted for their traineeship in Greek Local Businesses, will also have the chance to participate in many excursions that Dioratikotita suggests such as unique tourist experiences and activities just 20 minutes away from the internationally recognized UNESCO monument METEORA. We invite you to discover Greek culture through local gastronomy and tasting traditional food such as spanakopita and cheese pie by a technique called phyllo flying and batzina and trachana with local cheese, feta.

Agriculture is inseparable in our culture and participating in agritourism and visiting local wineries and milk processing facilities and other local businesses will give you a better understanding of Greek agriculture. This will give you a better understanding of the real needs in the Greek Business Marketing. For example, a visit to the unique Buffalo Farm with learning activities “I learn to walk on the mountain and utilize the plants and mushrooms of the area and combine them into local gastronomy” will get you closer to understanding the connection between local products and local business development. While in the countryside, we also suggest you to enjoy a pic-nic outside in the nature.

We also hope you will enjoy beautiful musical nights with local award-winning artists and Trikala by night. Also, we would really like all our participants to volunteer in “The Mill of the Elves”, one of the biggest Christmas theme parks in Greece, this year and leave their mark.

The aim is for every candidate that visits us with the digital opportunity to leave with unique and unforgettable life experiences and keeping in their heart four words that will make life more beautiful: Love, Honesty, Justice and Respect

Submit your resume

In order for you to visit Trikala and work with us you have to submit your Resume by e-mail on the address or fill the following contact form.